The Solution

Meet your contractual commitments

A maintenance contract will typically list the assets to be serviced, along with the frequency of service and the type of service to be performed. 

Asset Aviator automates the creation of site visits based on the contractual commitment.

Real time management of work orders

 Asset Aviator provides clear visibility of current job status and where technicians are located, which is essential for efficient assignment of work.

Knowing that a high priority job is likely to miss an SLA allows office staff to reassign to another technician or to shuffle lower priority work

Ensuring the safety of employees and contractors

Asset Aviator enforces the completion of electronic safety forms before the commencement of work, ensuring that relevant hazards are identified and appropriate controls put in place.

Accurately recording the work completed onsite

Asset Aviator presents the technician with electronic forms that can be customised to suit different asset types. Critical information can be recorded, along with photographs and customer signatures.

Professional service reports

A professional service report is a complete record of work performed on site. Asset Aviator creates professional service reports as soon as a work order is completed, and immediately emailing the client.


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