Mechanical Services

A long standing working relationship with one of the global leaders of the elevator and escalator market ensures we understand the everyday challenges of running a maintenance business and the importance of getting the job done right the first time. Asset Aviator provides you with the tools to streamline your maintenance operations and increase revenue opportunities.

Tailored service reports

For some businesses the creation of a service report can be a laborious task, Asset Aviator allows you to transform your raw maintenance data into actionable insights that become critical when analysing your business performance, asset performance and employee effectiveness.

Employee safety

Our application is configured so that a worker must complete the relevant JHA (job hazard analysis) before progressing to the next stage of the job. This is critical for employee safety as it means that shortcuts cannot be taken and processes need to be strictly and comprehensively adhered to.

Planned maintenance made easy

We take the guesswork out of your maintenance operations with an intuitive end-to-end software solution designed with your business in mind. We give you the tools to get ahead of equipment failures, reduce unplanned downtime and refine your preventative maintenance efforts.​



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