Local Government

Local Governments manage a vast number of assets including buildings, roads, equipment, parks and public spaces. Every one of these assets requires different short and long-term maintenance strategies. Asset Aviator allows councils to rely less on staff knowledge and experience and more on the detailed information captured and recorded every time an asset is serviced and maintained.

Employee safety

Our application is configured so that a worker must complete the relevant JHA (job hazard analysis) before progressing to the next stage of the job. This is critical for employee safety as it means that shortcuts cannot be taken and processes need to be strictly and comprehensively adhered to.

Unplanned asset downtime

Not all downtime is the same. Unexpected asset downtime can be extremely costly, cause major delays and increase the chance of injury. We give you the tools to get ahead of equipment failures, reduce unplanned downtime and refine your preventative maintenance efforts.

Say goodbye to paper

Asset Aviator allows you to say goodbye to paper-based forms for good and avoid the many implications of optical character recognition (OCR) scanning. Completing manual paperwork is time consuming, can easily be lost and forms are often difficult to decipher for administration staff.



Find out how we can help you manage your assets with ease and precision.