Electrical Services

Managing your workforce whether they are inspecting a solar and battery installation, data centre equipment or installing smart meters, can be a juggling act. The right asset management and field service software will provide you with quick and easy access to work orders, schedules, asset performance and lifecycle data.

Contractor management

You and your contractors will have full visibility of all work orders and be able to respond to issues in real-time, 24/7. Ensuring contractors are 100% compliant and carry our work consistent with your company standards is easy to control and monitor with Asset Aviator.

All your assets in the cloud

Every critical piece of information on every asset, at each site, is available at any time. No paper, no shared spreadsheets, no folders to sift through. Just all the maintenance information and data at your fingertips saving you time, money and potentially a valuable client.

Employee safety

Our application is configured so that a worker must complete the relevant JHA (job hazard analysis) before progressing to the next stage of the job. This is critical for employee safety as it means that shortcuts cannot be taken and processes need to be strictly and comprehensively adhered to.



Find out how we can help you manage your assets with ease and precision.