How Asset Management Software helps you win new business and target bigger customers

Win new business

There are many factors that contribute to improving return on investment, better customer service and increasing productivity. But near the top of that list is the ability to effectively manage the assets you have. Effective asset management software is a key element in ensuring you can win new business and target new customers. When you […]

First-Time Fix Rates and Why they are Important

For companies relying on field service teams, there is a balancing act. How do you reduce costs and boost revenue while maintaining, or hopefully, improving customer service levels? The answer often comes down to one simple metric. How often does your field service team successfully complete a call to a client site the first time […]

The technician of the future

So much science fiction from the 1960s, 70s and 80s has become science fact today. Shows such as Star Trek showed us wearable technology, mobile communications and virtual reality – all things that the technician of the future, or even today, can take advantage of. Underpinning almost every emerging field service technology is data. Over […]